Thursday, January 13, 2011

Discovery, Catholic Church Team for Exorcism Series

What's this? The Vatican hops into the 21st century with it's own version of "The X-Files"? It appears that the Discovery Channel and the Vatican are teaming up to produce a series called "The Exorcist Files," which will recreate stories of hauntings and demonic possession, based on cases investigated by the Catholic Church. If the series is successful, the producers, named GoGo Luckey, believe it or not, hope to take the show on the road, joining Catholic investigators on live demon-purging ride-alongs. Elsewhere, Jason Offutt appears on the Examiner with Specters haunt hospital’s abandoned halls.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mystery of Mass Animal Death Epidemic Deepens

Still the leading story of anomalous happenings around the world as we get set to head into the second week of 2011, the mysterious deaths of large numbers of birds, fish and mammals continues to make headlines. The latest mass die-off has occurred among turtle doves in Italy, where 8,000 of the birds are estimated to have fallen from the sky with a "strange blue stain on their beaks." Multiple reports of die-offs are covered in this report, with images, and the "rapid movement of the Magnetic North Pole" is mentioned in conjunction with the bird deaths. There's more on the Italian incident in More Than 1,000 Turtle Doves Fall from the Sky in Italy in Latest Mass Bird Death Case.

WikiLeaks Cable Confirms Extensive Soviet UFO Investigations

Release of a diplomatic cable prepared at the U.S. Embassy in Minsk quotes a Belarus intelligence official concerning UFO investigations conducted by the former Soviet Union. It's the first document concerning UFOs to be released in Julian Assange's WikiLeaks efforts to unveil national secrets. With the pressure on news agencies to print or broadcast the revelations from WikiLeaks, Steve Hammons says, Journalists Have Responsibilities on Disclosure, Leaks. Meanwhile, the anomalous objects continue to whizz through the skies in the U.S., and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) continues to make witness reports available, such as the January 11, 2011, description of a Slow Moving Triangle UFO Over Derry, New Hampshire and a July 23, 2010, filing in which a New Jersey Witness Recounts 'Cloaking' Jet Encounter.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paranormal Kristen's "no claim to psychic fame"


hi, my name is Kristen Hendricks and I am a clairvoyant. I am able to see and hear things beyond the normal five senses. The reason I give the title "no claim to psychic fame" is because even though I am able to have paranormal experiences, I am not the type to glorify it. I am here to share my experiences with others and to hear other persons experiences as well. Along with this, i do investigations of the paranormal. Please visit my team website My good friend Lorraine Warren has inspired me to use my natural abilities to help others. You may have seen her on A&E's paranormal State. She is one of the top paranormal investigators in the world and has helped people understand the many sides of it. You can also visit her website In the coming days I will begin to share my life experiences with the paranormal and also thoughts on other investigations.

We are all born into this world for a purpose. Mine? Not sure yet, but the one thing I am sure about is my fascination and experiences with the paranormal. I guess it all started when I was about 7 years of age. I had gone with my parents to a flea market off of route 6 in Foster, RI. I thought it would be an ordinary Saturday of yard sales and bargin hunting, but I was wrong. I remember walking to the side of one of the buildings to a river in the back. There set among the banks was a lady dressed in black selling an assortment of mystical items. I seemed to be drawn in to the items and this lady. I remember looking at this woman and then staring back at the flowing water and almost going into a trance. I could feel her eyes upon me. I looked back in her direction and she glared into my eyes almost saying "i know what you are capable of" or "you soon will know what your capable of" It sent chills through me, but of course being that young I thought of her as just being strange. It wasn't until many years later that I had understood what went on. i remember telling this story to my dad a few years back and after a long pause and a sigh he said " Kristen, I know who she is and she is a very powerful witch who used to live in foster" As you can guess, after that nothing surprised me anymore. My future entry will be on when my abilities became apparent.

The First Sign

The first indication really has nothing to do with being clairvoyant, but this was my first experience I had. When I was little I would take naps and I would float above my bed.(not really) it seemed I was though. I would slowly feel myself rise up, stay there for awhile and then suddenly fall back down and when I would hit the bed I would bounce. Have you ever been on a trampoline and you would land on your back and bounce a few times? Well, that's what it felt like. It wasn't until years later that I found out I was astral projecting out of my body and the bounce i felt was my soul being sucked back into my body. We are not talking the exorcist here people. it would be easier to look up astral projection for yourself than for me to go into lessons about it.

I'm sure most of us have had bad feelings come over us about a certain person or an event and it has come true. For me though, I've had too many. I remember one night I was going babysitting and a bad feeling came over me about my mom. I told her to go to our neighbors till i got home. That night she had a seizure at their kitchen table. I really don't want to get into anymore because their mostly little things. I would rather get into the good stuff.

Communicating With The Dead

When I was in high school, I had problems. I was having a hard time and felt suicidal sometimes. I was thinking about it one evening but chickened out. That night I had an out of body experience and met with my grandfather who passed when I was young. He was glowing with white light surrounding him and he was wearing blue pajamas. He walked over to me and gave me a hug then i was back in my body but could still see him. He leaned forward, smiled, and then left. I know he was there because he was concerned about me.

The 2nd incident of dealing with the dead was about three years ago. There were supernatural things going on in my previous home and i needed help. I went to a lecture done by Lorraine warren at UCONN, but I couldn't reach the front in time to talk to her. Her husband Ed who was a demonologist, and who had worked with her had passed on the year before, but I would soon learn that he was all but dead. That night I was awakened by a white and blue light. It circled and shot straight across my bedroom. it was followed by a warm, howling wind. I could feel it on my face but my hair didn't move and nothing in my room moved. The light suddenly gathered into a pillar and sparks seemed to come from it. A voice said "kristen, everything will be okay and it will be over soon, it's ed warren" At that point I put my head back on the pillow and I suddenly became paralyzed and what seemed to be an electric current running through my body. This lasted a few minutes, but then I got the feeling back in my body and he disappeared. I wanted to write to Lorraine Warren about my experience, but i thought she would think I was a nut, but I went through with it. two months later she called me and said "Kristen, what you experienced was very real, and I want to work with you on developing your abilities" Ever since then we have become close. After all this happened the negativity in my life has become almost non-existent.

Another incident I had was when I was visiting my boyfriend's friends house. The house was in two sections. The part they lived in and then an addition with a living room and bedrooms that were used for storage. She took me into that part of the house and showed me the first bedroom. It was dark and depressing. I saw a young kid around the age of seventeen standing there with his bluejeans and a teeshirt with a sad look on his face. He really did not want us in there. We moved on to the second bedroom and there was sunshine filtering through the window (even though it was night time) I saw an old woman with her shawl walking around the room and her collectibles on a dresser. The room was empty to the average person. I went back into the living room and told his friend what I saw. She confirmed that the boy that lived there had gotten killed in a car accident and that his grandmother's room was right next to his. She had felt weird things as well and that is why they don't live in that part of the house. Since then they have moved. I wonder why?!!

Future senses

I have also had premonitions of things to come. This next one may be similar to some of you as when I had a bad feeling about my mom. That was just a bad feeling and I didn't know exactly what was going to happen, but this one is very different. Sometimes I can be doing my usual everyday business and all of a sudden, I can be stopped short and I will see events unfold before me like a movie being played on a screen. I could be looking at a person and have something else happening in front of my face.

The station nightclub fire was a very tragic event. While the band great white was performing there in Warwick, RI. There was a fire which killed I think over 100 people and injured many others. I was there a week before the fire and I experienced many negative energies. I remember facing the stage near the front entrance and looking over at a room with some pool tables and the windows above them the size of garage windows and I thought "how are these poor people going to get out"? I didn't know at the time why I was thinking that, but more images came to mind throughout the night. I went into the bathroom and saw huddled bodies in a corner stall and when I was sitting at a table near the back, I said to myself "I'm going to escape through the kitchen. For some reason I felt very safe there. Then I moved closer to the stage and started to become very depressed and my eyes started to swell with tears. I left very quickly and as i drove away i looked back and saw flames and the picture of ozzy Osborne's face painted on the side of the building. After the fire was put out his face remained untouched by the disaster. When the fire occurred it broke out on the stage and the fire traveled so quickly, that people panicked and ran to the entrance , trampled each other and wedged themselves so that barely anyone could escape. Firefighters found bodies stacked like wood near the entrance.. maybe that's why I felt safe near the backroom. The kitchen was there and I'm sure there was an exit, but everyone ran to the front door instead. I know that there may be some who read this that knew someone from that tragic event and may be mad at me for writing this or think well, why didn't you warn the owners/ well, it doesn't work that way. Sometimes images come so quick, that its hard to realize what you've experienced till something actually happens so no warnings can be given out. its hard to explain, but until you've experienced it I can't do anything more than to leave it at that. God bless those who perished and those that didn't.

Dreams of the future

My friend Amy died 6 years ago from Cancer and it devested us all, but I knew She was around and looking out over all of us and I was right. My cousin donna suffered with depression and one night I had a dream that amy came to me. I kneeled in front of her and she took my hands and said "kristen, someone you love will be joining me tonight" then the dream ended. I awoke to a phone call that morning that my cousin had committed suicide that night.